The oppressed white man and the genderfluid toddler: How did politics turn into a battle of identities?

In the olden days, the political discourse was about tax systems, state budgets, and other similarly boring topics, however, today's politicians are more preoccupied with which bathrooms people use and how patriotic they are. The latest episode of Telexikon examines how politics turned into an identity-based mud-flinging contest.

Világszínvonalú film lehet az Elk*rtuk

Keith English rendező és Josep M. Civit operatőr a filmről és a forgatásról mesélt.

Telex's second transparency report

It is not considered common practice for a media company in Hungary to disclose in a manner more detailed than how much money it has and how it is spent. However, since our story is by no means conventional and the fact that Telex runs on funds we've received from supporters, it seemed only obvious that we would disclose the details of our management and strategy to the public.

Sziget Festival is cancelled once again

This is the second year Covid-19 forces the organisers of the largest Hungarian festival to cancel the event.

Hungarian campus of Fudan University to be built by Chinese workers, financed by a Chinese loan

The construction of the Budapest campus of the Shanghai-based Fudan University has upset Hungarian domestic politics. The opposition-led Budapest is trying to oppose the project, but the Hungarian government seems relentless.

Orbán’s influence on the media is without rival in Hungary

Over the past few weeks, the state of Hungary’s media has become the focus of intense public debate both domestically and across Europe. After the exclusively Fidesz-chaired Media Council revoked the oppositional Klubrádió’s frequency for bureaucratic reasons, the freedom of the Hungarian press, alongside that of the Polish and Slovenian press, once again came under scrutiny in the European Parliament.