How underpaid are Hungarian teachers really in comparison with other tertiary graduates?

What exactly does it mean that teachers in Hungary are underpaid? How much do they earn compared to other professions and other countries?

Additional bills required for EU fund payout adopted by Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian government has just passed laws committing to introduce fewer laws without public consultation, to set up an anti-corruption agency for preventing fraud, and to allow the National Tax Authority to actively assist OLAF investigations.

Governing majority votes against Hungary ratifying the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO on Tuesday

The Fidesz-KDNP majority apparently doesn't consider the two countries' joining the military alliance urgent.

Hungary does not recognise Russia's annexation of Ukrainian territories

The Prime Minister's Chief of Staff also spoke about the independence of the Hungarian judiciary and his views on the European Parliament at the weekly government briefing.

Women do not choose abortion because it's fun

Thousands protested the tightening of Hungary’s abortion law on Wednesday in Budapest. According to a new regulation, women will have to listen to the foetus’ heartbeat before the procedure.

I don’t believe the government is waiting for EU funds to raise teachers’ wages

Hundreds of teachers and students formed a human chain around one of Hungary’s best schools on Monday in protest of the current conditions in the country’s education system. We spoke to both teachers and students to find out why they were there.

Iranian refugee wins lawsuit against Hungary – six years after he tried to seek asylum at the border

He entered illegally from Serbia. They forced him back and set a dog on him.

Hungarian Foreign Ministry boasts about Szijjártó being the only one to sit down with Lavrov at UNGA

The State News Agency's statement repeatedly stresses that Szijjártó was the only EU Foreign Minister to meet with his Russian counterpart.

Propaganda at work: almost half of Hungarian internet users moderately pro-Russian

One in four Hungarians agrees to some extent with the statement that Hungary can formulate a claim to certain territories in Western Ukraine, according to the survey.

Teachers' Unions turn to European Court of Human Rights about their right to strike

The government took away their right to strike with a decree, so they appealed at the Constitutional Court. Their appeal was rejected, so now they are taking their case to Strasbourg.

Propaganda in the geography book, part 2: NATO and the USA are to blame for the Yugoslav wars

Students are asked to interpret a shocking caricature, and there is no reference to the real causes of the war, nor any mention of ethnic cleansing.

Hungary signs new agreement with Gazprom to buy more gas from Russia

Gazprom will deliver up to 5.8 million cubic metres more natural gas per day throughout September and October.

Up to half of Hungary's public baths may close for the winter due to the high energy prices

The most recent, drastic increase of energy prices is likely to have a severe affect on Hungary's tourism and sports facilities.

HUF 1,000/m3 natural gas price on the horizon – should we be concerned?

24.hu put the question to energy expert Attila Holoda whether or not there will be natural gas available this winter in Hungary, asking if there's any justification for panic. According to the fo

Hundreds returned to Romania – thousands decided to stay

Every year, more and more students cross the border from Hungarian settlements in Romania to continue their secondary education in Hungary. The brain drain is hard on the Hungarian high schools in Romania and in the long run it could challenge the communities of the Hungarian minority in the region if the future intelligentsia settles permanently in the motherland.

President Novák signs new tax law

According to the President, "in these extraordinary times it is not right that the Head of State should put obstacles in the way of Parliament's decision." The opposition parties will most likely submit an appeal at the Constitutional Court.

Pár szót kellett volna hibátlanul összehozni, egyet végül is sikerült

Egyben szeretetteljes megdöbbenést kívánunk azoknak, akik eddig nem ismerték a Magyar Zene Háza hivatalos angol nevét.

Major tax change bill pushed through parliament in spite of protests

The bill, which affects small businesses and sole proprietors negatively was proposed on Monday, debated and accepted in Parliament on Tuesday.

The forint’s plunge continues: 1 euro worth 412 forints, and 1 USD worth 403 forints

The forint's value continues its descent. Here's a quick summary of the potential reasons.

"I was being treated as if it were reprehensible that my body was doing its job"

Unsolicited procedures, misdiagnoses, symptoms being labelled as hysteria and obstetric violence – in the fourth of a five-part series, Telex looks at the situation of Hungarian women and healthcare.

Croatian Prime Minister: Hungary will lose the case if the dual fuel price case goes to court

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic believes that the Hungarian decision is clearly a failure to fulfill member state obligations.

Orbán: “Families can sleep well tonight, we defended the reduction of overhead costs!”

"The EC's proposal would have been equal to a nuclear bomb thrown at our economy, but we successfully thwarted the most audacious idea" – Orbán.

The tenth modification of the Fundamental Law approved by Parliament

The "granite-solid" Foundational Law of Hungary has been modified for the tenth time, making it possible for the government to declare a state of danger in case of a war in a neighbouring country.

Trump: Orbán is a great leader and a real gentleman

On the second day of CPAC Hungary, the organisers shared a short video message from former US president Donald Trump, and one of the most popular right-wing political influencers in the US, Candace Owens also spoke briefly – in person.

CPAC Hungary begins with Orbán sharing his recipe for success

The Hungarian mini-version of the CPAC superconference is being held in Budapest for the next two days. The opening speech was given by Viktor Orbán where he shared his recipe for success in twelve points.

Orbán: “Hungary has become the last Christian-conservative bastion of the Western world”

Viktor Orbán was today officially inaugurated as Hungary’s prime minister for the fifth time. Here’s a summary of his speech on the occasion.

The stone-faced president who barely crossed Orbán for ten years is leaving

Hungary's departing president signed almost every law they put in front of him. He never listened to the protesters, preferred to remain silent on sensitive issues, and liked fishing more than confrontation. A look at János Áder's ten years as president of Hungary.

Fines imposed on NGOs for encouraging invalid vote on child protection referendum are final

The Curia rejects Háttér Társaság's appeal without substantial examination.

NGOs to be fined for encouraging invalid votes at the Hungarian government’s child protection referendum

Following the unsuccessful child protection referendum of the government on 3 April, the National Election Committee fined the NGOs which had campaigned to encourage voters to cast invalid votes. The NGOs did so because they considered the referendum to be anti-LGBTQI, and was aiming to incite hatred towards members of the LGBTQI community.

Borodyanka used to be a town full of life – now they are pulling bodies from under the rubble

A few days after the departure of Russian forces, we traveled to one of the Ukrainian towns near Kyiv which had undergone heavy shelling. Borodyanka, which was almost completely destroyed, is said to potentially also be a site of war crimes. Telex reports from the scene.

If Fidesz won, why is the so-called “child protection” referendum invalid?

In short: because winning a referendum is much harder than winning an election. The answers pushed by the government were marked by many more people than the number of party-list votes received by Fidesz, but even this was not enough in light of the more than one and a half million invalid votes.

Orbán: Campaign or not, we must do well in Brussels

One must focus on the campaign with every fibre of their being, but for the next two days, it's all about Brussels. Especially when the government would really like to get the soft loan from the EU which they refused less than a year ago.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: The Hungarian government’s rhetoric barely differs from an openly pro-Russian stance

Iryna Vereshchuk's strong words of criticism were posted on her Facebook page. She lists all the things the Hungarian government should be doing, but isn't, and calls on them to make the right choice.

Former Hungarian ambassador to China was targeted with Pegasus – shortly before becoming senior advisor to Orbán

Cecília Szilas is not the first high-ranking Hungarian official who was targeted with the Pegasus spyware. Her phone was added to the list during her stint at the conflict-ridden Dunaferr, shortly before becoming the Prime Minister's senior advisor on China.

I wanted to be a teacher before, but I don't any more

Hungarian teachers have been on strike in many schools since March 16th, demanding higher pay and a lower workload. Their students organised a solidarity protest to express their support.

Our strength is our unity: Putin chose war. We remain united with Ukraine

"This will not end well for Vladimir Putin." – writes Marc Dillard, the US Embassy's Chargé d' Affaires in his op ed sent to Telex.

“Please, don’t report about this at all! Thanks!” – How the state news agency withholds news which are unpleasant for the government

In part two of this series, we show how the internal self-censoring machinery functions at the Hungarian state news agency, and how it is used to withhold news which are unpleasant for the current government. This article is a result of coopearation between Telex and Direkt36.

Orbán on Putin, the reason for the war, Paks II, and the differences between East and West

In his opinion, the USA expects us to accept that which they consider to be correct, while China has no such need.

A raid, a premises search, and the arrival of a war – the third week of the campaign in five points

Here is Telex's latest five-point analysis of the previous week's parliamentary elections campaign in Hungary. Among others, our editor in chief takes a look at the effect the war in Ukraine might have on Hungarian politics.

I am fleeing Ukraine and heading to Hungary. What do I need to know?

We have gathered useful information for those fleeing the war in Ukraine: how they can stay in Hungary legally, and where they can turn for help.

Hungary to allow entry for everyone coming from Ukraine

The regulation granting temporary asylum came into force on Thursday evening.

All they wanted for Christmas was for Mum to be alive

There are no official figures in Hungary on how many pregnant women have received oxygen, how many are currently on ventilators or how many Caesarean sections have been carried out to save the lives of foetuses and mothers with Covid. Gábor Biszak's wife, Erika died of Covid in spring 2021, following the Ceasarean delivery of their third child. We followed the lives of Gábor and his three children for 8 months. This is their story.

Entire editorial staff of Hungarian news outlet in Transylvania quits due to political pressure – here comes Telex's new project: Transtelex

On Tuesday morning, the whole editorial staff of Transindex resigned – according to their joint statement, signed by each staff member:“This morning, after 23 years of Transindex’s existence, the whole editorial staff quit. Why? We quit because we feel that our work within this institution has been rendered entirely impossible. Due to this, we are unable to continue our work according to our best professional ability – which would be the task of the free press. Although since the early days, both the team and Transindex have gone through changes, one thing has not: today, just like at the beginning, we believe in standing for the same values, and we are not willing to do our journalistic work according to the expectations of any political actors.”Join Transtelex supporters!They further write:“We have all noticed that the space for freedom of speech has been shrinking more and more for Hungarians in Transylvania recently. During the past two years, we have been fighting for our survival within a politically defined environment, in which the press only has two choices: capitulate, and function as a mouthpiece in line with the expectations of various political interests, or attempt to do their job properly, in which case their work will be made impossible. We chose the latter, and now we are packing – we have no other choice left.”The statement adds that the majority owner of Transindex is about to sell the news portal which was founded in 1999, and is based in Cluj, Romania with the slogan: “the sunny side”. As they highlight, they do not see their journalistic independence ensured in the current context. They write:“It was not unexpected, but it is still hard for us to comprehend that what used to be Transindex for many decades, will from now on be no more.”Last November Transindex started a fundraising campaign, because they felt that the newspaper’s existence was in danger. Back then they wrote that keeping the portal running without their readers’ contribution had become impossible.Since its beginnings, Telex has had a close relationship with Transindex.Following the resignation of most of the editorial staff of Telex from our former place of employment when I was fired from my position as editor-in-chief, and having been contacted about these events by press outlets from Japan to Brazil, I gave my first bigger interview to Transindex. It was a symbolic and conscious decision, as with its pure existence, Transindex embodied the values considered then and now as most important by our team: freedom of press, freedom of expression, impartiality and curiosity. Also, as a news outlet of Hungarians outside the borders of Hungary, they had been fighting daily for the principle of not being silenced. Since then, we have won international tenders together, and Telex has published a number of articles which were a joint effort of Telex and Transindex journalists, of which we are rightfully proud.Join Transtelex supporters!And now, the 23-year old story of Transindex has come to an end – with the en masse resignation of the entire editorial staff.The situation is painfully familiar to us at Telex: following the increasing pressure from outside, in the end these journalists had no choice left but to stand up for their values together, and to give up the paper that had been their life. Their farewell message includes a heartbreaking prediction:“This was the only Hungarian media outlet in Romania with a large readership, produced according to the staff’s own decisions, and not according to a political party’s agenda.”The disappearance of this spirit would be a painful loss not just for them, but for Transylvania as a whole, and indeed, for the whole public of the Carpathian Basin.Following the joint resignation of the Transindex journalists, we feel the same responsibility we did in 2020. For this reason, we are embarking on Telex’s biggest venture yet: along with the resigned journalists, we would like to launch Transtelex.We want to do this, because we believe there is a need for free press in Transylvania. We believe that there is a need for a Transylvanian paper in Hungarian which only depends on its readers. We believe there is a need for a news source where those in power do not dictate what is written. We believe in free press for Transylvanians, written by Transylvanians, but not just about Transylvania.ReklámAnd we are asking our readers for help with the launching of Transtelex, the new Transylvanian paper!Telex was born because on the one hand, the journalists stood up for their values together, chose not to be silenced and were unwilling to accept the fate others had intended for them, and on the other hand, tens of thousands of people stood with us, and with their donations helped us get a new newspaper off the ground. We are now asking our readers and supporters for the same: let us join forces, so that Transtelex.ro, the paper of the resigned journalists from Transindex could become the definitive, unavoidable news source of the Hungarian public in Transylvania!Support Transtelex!

Törölte Twitter-oldalát az Elk*rtuk brit rendezője

Keith English előtte se népszerűsítette a filmet az oldalán, pedig rendszeresen posztolt.

Törölték az Elk*rtuk rendezőjének Twitter-fiókját

Keith English más közösségi oldalakon továbbra is jelen van, bár weboldalán nem reklámozza a filmet, az Instagramján kiírta a premier időpontját.

ElkXrtuk-kritika: Ha ilyen egy fideszes propagandafilm, nem nagyon van mitől félni

Legfeljebb attól, hogy unalmunkban átalusszuk a választást is. Megnéztük a Gyurcsány-ellenes csodafegyvert, az ElkXrtuk című filmet, és megtudtuk azt is, miért titkolták, ki játssza benne Gyurcsány Ferencet.

He had never been to Serbia in his life, he did not know anyone there, and yet he was pushed-back there

Hasib, 24, came to Hungary to study three years ago. He was unable to continue his studies for financial reasons and had to decide whether to return to Afghanistan, where the Taliban had carried out several attacks on his relatives, or stay illegally. After a year and a half of illegality, he applied for asylum, but instead of consideration, the authorities detained him and forced him to Serbia, even though he has never been there and he does not speak the language.

I was detained by armed Afghan teens and saved from the Taliban by the Taliban

We travelled to Afghanistan to see what kind of country its new, infamous overlords, the Taliban, are building. Crossing the border, our reporter found himself in a situation that seemed to confirm the ominous predictions, but an unexpected turn of events showed that this picture is more complex than one may imagine. We learned what Taliban leaders think of women, 9/11, and houseguests. Telex's report from Afghanistan.

The mass resignation at Index.hu, as seen from the inside

A year ago today, we walked out from our previous workplace, Index.hu, after editor-in-chief Szabolcs Dull was suddenly terminated following a month-long struggle for the site's independence. In this video, our colleagues remember those tumultuous days.

What is Hungary’s procedure for secret surveillance?

Sándor Pintér, the Minister of Interior Affairs said that Hungary does not engage in unlawful secret surveillance. To precisely understand what that means, it is worth knowing how it works when it’s lawful.